Finally it’s here!!

I don’t actually care much for Halloween decorating. I realize I have a problem with crafting but after several ambitious projects and tireless creation and clean up, I tire myself out. Christmas is my big decor holiday. I don’t want to get burned out before then. Though, this will probably change one day as my craft addiction takes me in full force.

None the less, I am neurotically perfectionistic about costumes. Starting in summer I constantly scout thrift shops for ideas. Unfortunately I lost my favorite thrift store. Fortunately they were having a massive going-out-of-business-sale.

I took full advantage and came across two perfect Edie Sedgwick jackets.

I went with this one. The make up I fell in love with!! Except for the eyebrows.

I’ll probably incorporate the crease and eye liner more often in my day-to-day, though! I would suggest everyone use this costume at their own risk. Everyone asked if I was wearing a costume at all, if I were Cruella Deville, or if I were Lady Gaga. Maybe at least try it with an Andy Warhol?

Also, my daughter’s costume!

I asked what she wanted to be this year and she said “monster!”

This is what I came up with! Her grandfather came across a huge trunk of dress up clothes! I picked through them, made some horns, and played with my make up and voila! Monster!

Happy Halloween everyone!


Still going at it!

So I’m barely getting the hang of crochet.

Which is tedious and time consuming but very rewarding!

Embroidery is still my fave.

My creative juices seem to be quite stagnant lately. I guess I wouldn’t necessarily say that since they’ve been pouring into writing and cooking lately.

Anyone else ever have that problem? Maybe it’s an alright one to have.

I hope everyone had a great weekend 🙂

I brought up crochet to mention that I really wanted to crochet a fake beard but I’m pretty intimidated by patterns.

I glued cotton balls to my face instead.

We had a Halloween party and everyone dressed as my husband. I. Just going to take this opportunity to show off my light harded teasing of him and beard skills.

Just a Pretty Day

In an effort to socialize and get out of the house I went on the prettiest little picnic with the loves of my life and some good friends.

This park is so pretty!! I hope I can arrange a day to revisit and take a pretty little photo shoot with everyone.

I’ve been overwhelming myself with projects lately, and it was nice to enjoy friends and some good company.

I made some pretty dope pretzel rolls, too. And got some pretty good reviews.

I still have to fix my sewing machine (again!!) Make Hazel’s dolls their bed, clean my house, make Hazel a dress up closet, and do some embroidery work, but hey, it was nice to have a pretty little picnic and enjoy the scenery.

Home Decor Progress

I loooove decor. Everything has to beautiful, cozy, homey and wonderful. I’m a homemaker and at home all the time.

Brant bought this house several years before we even met. It’s been a project ever since, which I love. It was very empty though.

He has a very… Masculine since of decoration. Everything was nice and tasteful but it was still empty.

That didn’t fly with me for long.

My sense of style is very cluttered. I’m very economical and absolutely everything you see in my home is second hand. I never spend more than $5 on anything. Almost all pieces of furniture were even scavenged and usually revived.

I’m getting it to where I want it but I’m quite sure the arrangement of these walls will see a lot of revision until I’m satisfied.

Happy Tuesday everyone 🙂

Can we just Talk About Pizza?

Pizza is stupid expensive. It’s a very rare treat in my household. My husband gets those grocery store ones, but I do not like them. They are not pizza.

That is pizza and it is amazing! It tastes like actual pizza. Not crappy store bought pizza with weird tasting dough. What is that stuff? It’s an abomination.

It’s soooo easy and cheap to make this stuff! Just get your sour dough starter, mix in 5 1/2 cups of flour about a tbsp of salt, 2 cups of water. Proof the dough on your counter for a few hours and I popped it in the fridge in some plastic wrap over night. Then get out a baking sheet or pizza stone roll it out, and put on your preferred toppings, sauce, and cheeses.

I get to have amazing pizza whenever the hell I want now. I have a reason to live.

Getting my Crafting Going!

I’m getting out of my slump but I haven’t made too much progress with my sewing machine but busted the thread out none-the-less.

I haven’t found out how to make perfect lines. I can only do two different stitches with crochet, and my creations are very crude. None the less! I present to you my chronic validation seeking!

I didn’t mean to make an octopus. But I ended up with an octopus.

No, it will not have hands and feet.


My personal favorite!

Have a good day everyone!!

Are We Seriously Still Talking About Tess Holiday?

It’s 2018, I can’t believe this is still an issue that we revisit. I love YouTube. On my feed I noticed a video from 4 days ago bringing this girl up again.

I hadn’t heard anything about this in a while and thought it was something we were finally putting behind us.


His video was essentially that it didn’t bother him a fat girl was on the cover of Cosmo.

This would not do for the commenters. Or communities on the internet literally devoted to trashing fat people.

The arguments range from someone unhealthy should not be on Cosmo to fat people are a drain on taxes.


Who cares if someone is not perfectly healthy? How does that effect anyone else’s life in anyway whatsoever? Why should someone not be allowed to live the life they want just because they are less than perfect? Or a lot less?

What’s wrong with Cosmo wanting to use a model their readers could relate to? No, putting a model who is at risk for diabetes or heart disease or whatever will not make them less at risk, but so what? How would using a thinner model help them?

It wouldn’t. The media are responding to society. Not the other way around. A plus sized model being used won’t help anyone or hurt anyone because it’s a fucking magazine.

The argument that people’s bodies and bad habits are developed by something they saw in the media is the exact same thing as saying Marilyn Manson caused Columbine. These cases are just not true. People just want to read material they can relate to. Magazine writers know that.

I know the comments are always going to be stupid, I know people are always going to shit on everything especially when it comes to their perceived flaws in society; what’s still irritating to me is how this is a commonly accepted argument and hardly ever contradicted.

There are still groups on the internet banding together and dedicated to making people feel bad about themselves.

It’s disgusting.

What’s even worse, though, is how people who aren’t horrible human garbage try in vain to defend themselves for being overweight. Or even just defend people who are.

It’s awful that it’s a huge valiant effort to tell awful people they’re bullies making arguments bordering on fascism that, hey maybe their thinking is skewed or they’re thinking about this the wrong way. Or if someone’s not taking food out of your mouth or drugs into your body it’s none of your goddamn business what they’re doing to their own.

No, this isnt the case of most people trying to counter this nonsense.

When I see the other side of the argument pop up it’s never, “mind your own fucking business and stop telling people how to live their lives.”

No, it’s weird Stockholm syndromy justifications for their weight. It’s how hard they’ve been working on changing themselves, it’s medical problems they might have that prevents them from being idealistically thin. Most importantly is that they don’t agree with obesity being glamorized or normalised.

It’s never ok for someone to tell anyone that they don’t deserve to be happy, or portrayed as something that exists in society, or dirty up their vision in line at the grocery store because of how they are living their lives. That is bullshit.

No one owes it to anyone to look or be a certain way. Or exist or eat or live a certain way.

No they’re not draining anyone’s taxes because A. Fat people pay taxes, too. B. This is a by product of the problem that just happens to effect them. If they are not in the government then a fat person you run into absolutely did not decide what happens to your taxes. That is the dumbest argument I keep seeing popping up.

This whole thing is stupid. Tess deserves to be a model just as much as Heidi Klum did. This has nothing to do with her health. Why should we only be represented and like and admire healthy people?

We never have been before, it’s never been an issue before, why is it now?

Should we brush all sick or less than divinely healthy people under the rug and be ashamed of and disgusted by them and further isolate them and shame them.

No, Tess being on a magazine doesn’t help anyone. What does saying that’s gross and embarrassing and unhealthy do? Does that help anyone? Whose life was saved by someone telling them they need to hide and be away from everyone else’s line of vision?

I think the only thing that matters to these people is that they see someone they thought they were better than being richer and doing more than they have done. This is what’s bothering them, not the state of anyone’s health.

I think people who market Tess know this. I think a lot of peoples careers as actors or models require some controversy to stay relevant. Such is life.